A recent story about Khaleke Hudson from the NFL Scouting Combine on Thursday illustrates just how much the former Michigan linebacker valued being a good teammate.

On Thursday, Josh Uche shared a story about Hudson, his former teammate and roommate at Michigan. Uche explained that he was frustrated because he hadn’t been getting many game reps, despite doing well in practice.

Hudson took it upon himself to take himself out of a game during the 2017 season, allowing Uche the opportunity to step onto the field and make some plays.

“I’ll give you guys a story,” Uche began at the NFL Combine in Indianapolis. “Sophomore year I wasn’t getting a lot of playing time, I was frustrated, I was making the plays in practice — [Hudson is] my roommate so we talked about it all the time. Khaleke was starting. Khaleke was making a splash that year. Then he was like — he’d come out of these packages and let me go in. So he’d just take himself out and be like ‘Josh, go in.'”

That’s a pretty cool story. And it just goes to prove that football isn’t always about putting up big numbers. Hudson was able to help Uche develop on the field, and now both are in Indianapolis for the NFL Scouting Combine.

At a time when everything is taken into account for the NFL Draft, this story may help Hudson out a little bit.