Michigan was inches away from knocking off Ohio State, winning the B1G East and heading to Indianapolis.

That, however, didn’t end up happening.

Instead of celebrating their first B1G Championship berth, the Wolverines dealt with a crushing loss to Ohio State. The Wolverines didn’t get to wear any championship hats or shirts.

Instead, they were left behind in the visiting locker room at Ohio Stadium:

In Michigan’s defense, what is a team supposed to do with those? Nobody in their right mind would ever wear any of that gear, unless it was in an attempt to troll.

So this looks like it was just the workings of an equipment person that didn’t properly dispose of all the championship gear.

On the bright side for Michigan, the Wolverines could still have an outside chance to make the College Football Playoff without making it to Indianapolis. That souvenir would probably be a little sweeter, anyway.