Usually the comments section of a sports blog are disgruntled fans shouting about why their team is being disrespected or why Team X is awful.

Apparently, the comments section can also be the place where a happy marriage begins.

Michigan fans Kate Queram and Brandon Wagoner fell in love in November 2012 the way many do in the 21st Century. They started chatting online. That forum just happened to be ESPN’s B1G blog.

Adam Rittenberg and Brian Bennett told this incredible story of the couple, which got married last weekend. That, obviously, was Michigan’s bye week. There was no coincidence there.

They explained how they actually started flirting because of Kate’s love of Bo Pelini which entertained/impressed Brandon. They were also the only two Michigan fans that regularly commented on the blog. It led to an online flirtation before they met each other for the first time.

According to the story, Manti Te’o’s infamous cat fishing scandal was actually what prompted Brandon to want to meet Kate in person. After the two exchanged contact information, they went on their first date.

The rest, of course, is history.

It just goes to show you, the more you comment on B1G blogs, the more likely you are to find your future spouse.