How young is too young to offer up a scholarship?

Michigan is currently testing that answer as the Wolverines have offered eighth-grade athlete Tyler Martin of Cambridge. Martin is listed as a 2022 prospect and has now star ranking at this point in time. Despite his young age, he has an impressive frame of 6-foot-3 and 227 pounds before he even hits a high school field.

While the decision to offer a prospect his young may surprise, his middle school coach, Mike Willey, didn’t seem fazed by it.

“He’s just a physical specimen for sure…I don’t know if there is a comparison,” Willey said according to Brendan C. Hall of USA TODAY Sports. “I’ve had some really good players that have gone on to play Division 1 football over the years — Eric Olson, Chris Coady, Mike McCaffrey, Jay Symonds last year. But for a guy to be that developed that young? He’s just a special guy.”

After receiving his scholarship offer, Martin tweeted out the news:

Apparently, middle school highlight reels are a thing now. Here’s Martin’s: