Michigan hates Michigan State. The Spartans hate the Wolverines. It goes full circle.

On Saturday, the two teams played each other and the Wolverines displayed their dominance, winning 44-10. When a game gets that out of hand — especially a rivalry game — things can get a bit chippy.

Or, some would say dirty.

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At one point during the game, Michigan State’s Jacub Panasiuk was rushing Michigan quarterback Shea Patterson and Patterson got the ball out of his hands rather quickly. That didn’t stop Panasiuk from coming from behind a couple seconds later and delivering a massive shot to Patterson.

Panasiuk was ejected for the late hit.

Here’s a quick clip of that play:

After the game, Michigan OT Jon Runyan talked about Panasiuk and said he had known him to be a dirty player even before that hit:

If a player is dirty, they’re dirty. There’s no changing it. Michigan knows about him, and if others didn’t, they sure do now.

Again, the hatred is real between these two programs. Can’t wait for next year’s game!