Penn State vs. Michigan is producing an intense game on the field. It is also turning chippy between the two sides after a back-and-forth first half.

In the tunnel during halftime, the two teams mixed it up with some jawing back and forth and what appeared to be a little pushing and shoving between the two sides. The teams were separated a little bit by coaches and security before eventually clearing the tunnel.

In the action on the field, Michigan rolled to a 13-0 lead out of the gate. Then, Penn State battled back with 14 unanswered points in short order.

The Wolverines hold a 16-14 lead coming out of halftime, but a number of field goals are an early concern for Michigan. We’ll see if the Wolverines are able to continue dominating up front or if the Nittany Lions are able to find their footing in the second half.

It will also be interesting to see if tensions rise throughout the second half after some chippiness in the tunnel. Stay tuned!