Michigan has had a tumultuous season, and now that the page has turned from the Big Ten Tournament to the NCAA Tournament, the Wolverines are embracing the new beginning.

“It’s a new season now, this is the postseason,” Michigan coach Juwan Howard said on Sunday, via Michigan Insider. “… We’re going to work on a few things we feel we can improve on to prepare us to face our opponent on Thursday.”

DeVante Jones took a wider view, and is open to the matchup and location, even after the Wolverines loss to Indiana last week.

“Getting the 11-seed against Colorado State and be back in Indy, I just feel like everything happens for a reason. It’s God’s plan,” Jones said.  “We obviously didn’t have the year we wanted to have,” Jones said. “But if you want to win, you have to go through some adversity. And I feel like this year for us has been nothing but adversity and challenges and struggles, and we always stayed connected as a unit.”

Hunter Dickinson even suggested that Michigan has alternated wins and losses for 10 straight games, and “it’s only right that we continue that streak for one more game and just see where things go from there.”

“I think that’s the one good thing about this tournament,” Dickinson said. “You’re not playing against any other Big Ten teams for a couple games. For us, and for me at least, that’ll be fun. These last 4 months have definitely been not the way people thought they were gonna go from the start, but you can just see the growth from where we started to where we are now. The improvement that individuals have made and the improvement the team has made as a whole.”