Shea Patterson was a huge recruit out of high school.

He then went to Ole Miss and played two seasons with the Rebels. The 6-foot-2, 205-pound QB then transferred to Michigan. He hasn’t been in Ann Arbor long.

After all, he’s only been playing with the Wolverines for 3 games now.

However, look at what he had to say on Tuesday:

Not only does Patterson supposedly feel most comfortable in this system he is in, but he is more close with the Wolverines team and coaching staff. If true, that’s pretty important. The more comfortable you are, the better you will perform.

Of course, this could all just be for good press. What would you say if you were Patterson? That the Ole Miss system, players and coaches were better?

Probably not. Regardless, it’s better to see this than nothing at all if you’re a Wolverines fan.