What’s the biggest rivalry in all of sports? Is it Michigan-Ohio State football?

Maybe, depending on who you ask. Any person associated with the Ohio State program would likely say so.

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Earlier this week, Michigan quarterback Shea Patterson was asked about whether or not the games against Michigan State are the hardest-hitting or most chippy.

He responded by saying he didn’t think so. He followed that opening question up, however, by saying that they are “definitely the most intense.”

Ohio State people probably raised an eyebrow hearing that.

Here’s Patterson talking about the “intense” matchups with Michigan State:

The way Patterson was talking, he didn’t seem to be thinking about Ohio State much. It likely wasn’t a jab at the Buckeyes. However, maybe that’s the problem with Michigan’s recent struggles against Ohio State.

Maybe when talking about Michigan State, you do think of those games being the “most intense.” Again, for the Buckeyes, they would likely say no such thing about any opponent outside of the Wolverines.

Michigan hosts Michigan State this Saturday.