It’s no secret that negative recruiting happens around college football, and likely has been going on for decades.

However, on Tuesday, Michigan radio host Sam Webb revealed a bizarre way that Notre Dame is negatively recruiting against the Wolverines.

During his show on WTKA, Webb alleged that Notre Dame has been bringing up crime rates in Detroit to scare recruits away from Ann Arbor (quotes via The Spun):

“‘Young man, parents of young man, you gotta be aware over there in Ann Arbor. Have you seen the crime rates in Detroit? Have you seen the murder rates, the violent crime rates in Detroit? … It just might not be a safe environment in Ann Arbor.’

“Now if you’re not from around here, if you’re from out of the country, you see that and you think “If I go outside I’m going to get robbed!” You might think that, if you see some of these numbers.

“Why on Earth would you bring up the crime rate of Detroit when you talk about Michigan? Is it at all relevant?

“But, it’s something that came up. It’s something that had to be addressed.”

Obviously, that’s a bit bizarre, as Michigan is nearly an hour away from Detroit. By that logic, Michigan could use Chicago and Gary, Indiana, to negatively recruit against Notre Dame.

College coaches are always looking for an edge in recruiting, but if this allegation is true, Notre Dame may want to keep looking.