Hassan Haskins is off to a hot start against Penn State!

His best play came in the first quarter and started off a drive well inside Michigan’s own territory. Haskins burst through an opening in the line of scrimmage and then made a couple of nice cuts on Nittany Lion defenders.

After he broke into the opening, Haskins hit the sideline and went down the field quickly. He was able to race all the way inside Penn State’s 10-yard line to set up first-and-goal.

It was a pickup of 59 yards for Haskins and the Wolverines looked his way again. He was able to finish off the drive with a short touchdown to tie the game at 7-all:

Haskins career-high is 149 yards set in 2019 and he has three 100-yard games in his career. It will be interesting to see if he can hit either of those marks against Penn State.