Michigan nearly had a disaster on one play in the 4th quarter. Then, Andrel Anthony came to the rescue at the bottom of the pile.

Looking to put things firmly out of reach against Nebraska, JJ McCarthy found Ronnie Bell on a pass near the sideline. After slamming on the brakes and regaining his footing, Bell began to work his way downfield against the Huskers.

After some nifty footwork, it looked like Bell might cruise into the end zone. Then, he fumbled right on the brink of breaking the plane for a touchdown.

A wild scrum ensued in the end zone with the end result of the play either being a touchdown for the Wolverines or a touchback for Nebraska. The final call on the field was a touchdown with Anthony recovering the fumble.

The play would be reviewed with some camera angles showing the ball dangerously close to touching the out-of-bounds line. However, the final call was upheld without enough evidence to change the call.

With the score, Michigan went up 31-3 over Nebraska. Regardless of what happens the rest of the way, the Wolverines should be well on their way to 10-0.