Michigan has reportedly made a decision on Connor Stalions’ future as more information has come to light regarding the Michigan sign-stealing saga.

Stalions, a recruiting analyst who is at the center of a sign-stealing scandal that’s being investigated by the NCAA, has been fired, Yahoo Sports’ Dan Wetzel reports. Stalions was previously suspended with pay during the investigation. Stalions is alleged to have paid people to video the sideline of future Michigan opponents during games, a violation of NCAA rules.

Over the past week, more and more information has surfaced regarding Stalions’ alleged sign-stealing scheme. Earlier this week, a photo came to light of a man who resembles Stalions on Central Michigan’s sideline during the Michigan State game.


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And the story is getting even more complicated as more information comes to light.

Friday afternoon, a report stated that Michigan is currently gathering evidence that would link the private investigators used in the investigation back to Ohio State.

While there is still much to be decided when it comes to Michigan and its alleged sign stealing, it seemed inevitable that Stalions’ time with the Wolverines would come to a close sooner or later.