Jim Harbaugh may never be on the hot seat again.

Brady Quinn recently made an appearance on a radio show, saying he was informed that Michigan was working on a lifetime contract for Harbaugh. The ex-Notre Dame quarterback talked about the potential deal on FOX Sports Radio.

“I talked to someone who’s kind of an insider with that program, and we had a long, drawn out conversation,” Quinn said. “What he told me was that they’re working on a lifetime contract. I swear to you, that was his words. I kind of pressed him on it and said ‘Really? a lifetime deal? What would that even look like?’ He couldn’t give me the particulars, but he said that’s one of the things they are talking about.

“That’s how good they feel about Jim Harbaugh and how glad they are to have him there. So maybe that’s something Harbaugh wants.”

Harbaugh’s third season in Ann Arbor is coming to end and he’s posted a 28-9 record since taking the job in 2015. He’s recorded back-to-back 10-win seasons and has brought in some of the nation’s top recruiting classes.

Still, there’s been some hesitation regarding Harbaugh recently. He’s never placed higher than third place in the B1G East and has yet to beat Ohio State. Of course, that could change on Saturday as the Buckeyes travel to the Big House.

Even though Harbaugh hasn’t delivered a win over Ohio State, a division title or a B1G championship just yet, it sounds like Michigan really wants to keep the head coach in Ann Arbor.