Not long after the news broke about Michigan cancelling their scheduled game with Ohio State for Saturday, the conspiracy theorists were at their keyboards.

Even before the news came out, there was speculation about the potential cancelation, and its impact.

While on last week’s reveal of College Football Playoff Top 25 on ESPN, analyst Kirk Herbstreit suggested that Michigan may use the COVID-19 situation as an excuse to cancel the game and keep Ohio State from playing for the B1G Championship.

Social media lit up Tuesday afternoon with accusations that Michigan was just trying to avoid getting manhandled by their rival.

Shortly after the news broke, Wolverine defensive back Hunter Reynolds took to Twitter to let it be known that the Wolverines weren’t ducking anyone.

Reports are that an estimated 45 Michigan players would have been unavailable for the game, and the media, public, have been vocal about a potential motive behind the cancelation.

Big Ten officials are meeting on Wednesday to discuss options with regard to the cancelation, and what accommodations may be made to keep Ohio State as a College Football Playoff candidate.