As it turns out, flying a group of adults around the country for a month costs a little money.

Need not worry. Michigan can swing it.

How big of a check did the university cut for its summer satellite camp tour? According to The Detroit News, Michigan spent $334,712 on Jim Harbaugh’s summer tour.

The Detroit News obtained that information from an open-records request. According to that report, here’s how the expenses broke down:

  • Flights — $319,250
  • Ground transportation — $5,721
  • Hotels — $7,488
  • Meals — $773
  • “Other” — $1,479

Michigan athletic director Warde Manuel estimated that the cost of the tour would be around $350,000. Technically, the Wolverines came in under budget.

But it certainly wasn’t a cheap summer month on the university’s budget. It was an estimated $100,000 more than last year’s eight-day tour.

From flights to American Samoa and Australia and the combined 50 camps, Michigan certainly made its presence felt nationally and internationally.

The real question is obvious: Was the $1,479 of “other” just Harbaugh’s jersey collection?