Michigan staffer Connor Stalions is currently suspended in the middle of an NCAA investigation. That investigation includes allegations of improper sign stealing and in-person scouting of future opponents on the part of Jim Harbaugh’s Wolverine program.

Monday afternoon, ESPN reported that Stalions had purchased tickets to over 30 games in a 3-year span at 11 different Big Ten schools. A Tuesday evening report from ESPN’s Pete Thamel and Mark Schlabach now includes details of more than 35 games at 17 stadiums across the country.

In addition to a 12th Big Ten school, Stalions allegedly purchased tickets for games at four schools outside of the Big Ten that were either in College Football Playoff contention or playing contenders. It is also reported that Stalions bought tickets to the 2021 and 2022 SEC Championship Games in Atlanta.

ESPN reports all of the tickets to games outside of the Big Ten were purchased in the middle or toward the end of the 2022 season. Stalions’ network allegedly used at least three people in various regions around the country.

Yahoo! Sports’ Ross Dellenger reports three of the teams involved include Tennessee, Alabama and Georgia.

According to Tuesday’s report, the NCAA has been sent a video with at least an hour of video evidence detailing the alleged violations. A Big Ten source also expressed frustration while questioning what the NCAA is going to do.

“Unless something happens right now, it’s irrelevant,” said a source on a Big Ten campus, underscoring the frustration around the league. “Everyone is mad. This is not right. But what is the NCAA going to do about it?”