Michigan has been hinting at bringing out their “all-Maize” uniform combo for quite some time for the upcoming Penn State game.

The team has marketed a “Maize Out” for the fans to wear all yellow, which featured the “all-maize” combo in the promo for the event.

The uniform combo features their traditional blue and gold helmets but is paired with yellow jerseys and pants. It is only fitting they do bring them out again in Week 7, but defensive back Rod Moore seems to be having fun with the speculation.

It is unclear why it is such a big secret, but it would likely be a massive disappointment for the fans if they don’t.

Whether Michigan stays with the traditional blue uniforms or goes with the “all-Maize,” the Wolverines will look to take care of business at home in their most important game to date. They face off against the No. 10 Nittany Lions as both teams hope to stay atop the B1G East alongside Ohio State.