Michigan fans were tired of seeing yellow flags being thrown on the field during Saturday’s rivalry game against Notre Dame. So they started throwing yellow towels, instead.

In the second half, holding onto a 17-0 lead, Notre Dame was driving down the field, trying to work its way back into the contest. Ian Book fired a pass deep down the field that was intercepted by Brad Hawkins, but a pass interference call negated the pick.

The penalty, though, seemed like a pretty ticky-tack call. Here’s the play that was called for pass interefrence.

A few plays later, Book it Cole Kmet in the end zone for a touchdown, closing the lead to 17-7 in favor of Michigan. Needless to say, students were not happy with the call.

So, they decided to fire their yellow rally towels onto the field in the direction of Notre Dame after the touchdown:


That’s not a great show of sportsmanship from Michigan. But, at least it was just towels and not bottles or anything else that could cause damage.

After some questionable calls a week ago against Penn State, Michigan students must be a little on edge with the officiating.