Michigan tight end Jake Butt was a potential first-round draft pick in next year’s draft according to many.

Much like LSU’s Leonard Fournette and Stanford’s Christian McCaffrey, Butt had the opportunity to sit out of last night’s meaningless – according to some – game in order to preserve his health. He was going to be picked in either the first or second round and would be making a lot of money playing football professionally next season.

That wasn’t a question.

But, early on in last night’s Orange Bowl game against Florida State, the Mackey Award winner suffered what was likely an MCL or ACL injury.

With serious knee injuries can come serious complications. For some, such as former South Carolina running back Marcus Lattimore, they can essentially end your career.

If Butt did suffer a torn ACL, for example, it could very easily affect where he gets drafted, potentially costing him millions of dollars. Regardless, the Wolverines’ star tight end wouldn’t change a thing.

Take a look at what he tweeted late last night:

Let the debate continue as to whether or not sure-fire highly-ranked draft prospects should play in bowl games at the end of the year deemed as meaningless by many.