The University of Michigan is going to bring attention to social causes important to their athletes in the form of two in-house designs meant to be placed prominently on the school’s various athletic uniforms. The racial justice iconography will be worn throughout the 2020-2021 academic year by all of Michigan’s varsity programs, according to the university. 

The Wolverines football team will feature six “EQUALITY” fists of differing shades on a decal worn aback their helmets. The colors are meant to reflect the various skin tones on campus in a recognition of the school’s diversity, and the uniform raised fists symbolize a commitment to unity. 

Senior football player Kwity Paye offered his thoughts in a piece published on the school’s athletics website. 

“Athletes wearing this decal demonstrates our role in our community. It is a chance for us to be able to contribute to increasing awareness about social injustice, and it’s great for those watching to see our passion so they can be aware of it as well.”

Michigan joins a long list of NCAA and professional teams using this season as an opportunity to continue encouraging the United States to form a more perfect union through greater awareness of racial injustices. The NCAA Playing Rules Oversight Panel approved rules that allow this type of iconography to be worn on otherwise standard uniforms.