You can safely say Pat Forde is drinking the Michigan Kool-Aid.

The Yahoo Sports columnist came out with his weekly edition of “Forde-Yard Dash,” in which he predicted when each of the 20 remaining FBS unbeaten teams will lose. There was a common theme among three of the B1G schools.


Forde picked the undefeated seasons of Michigan State, Northwestern and Ohio State all to end in Ann Arbor. He provided a reason as to why the Wolverines would be able to take care of business in each of those three meetings.

On why Michigan will beat Northwestern:

“Saturday the Wildcats play in the Big House, in front of roughly 75,000 more people than have seen them play at any point this season. First team to 10 may win this matchup of the best defenses in the conference – and that team will be the Wolverines.”

On why Michigan will beat Michigan State:

“If this comes to pass, the Mitten may lose its mind. But which team is playing better football at the moment? The Wolverines.”

On why Michigan will beat Ohio State:

“And if it comes to this, Lord have mercy on the scarlet and gray.”

Forde went on to say why he’s a believer in Jim Harbaugh and the Wolverines. And like the rest of the world on the Michigan bandwagon, he referenced the physically dominant culture Harbaugh is instilling in Ann Arbor.

“Three games in the Big House against current unbeaten Big Ten teams – what if the Wolverines win them all? Looking back, the opening loss at undefeated and impressive Utah wasn’t bad at all. And everything Michigan has done since then indicates a team assuming the Jim Harbaugh mentality: tough, physical and relentless.

The Wolverines have allowed 14 points in the last four games, and if they win what could be a three-and-out-a-thon against Northwestern on Saturday, they will likely come into Oct. 17 against Michigan State playing better than the Spartans. Win that game, and Michigan State will taste a defeat most bitter at a time when it assumed it had the upper hand in the state. Keep winning from there, and Harbaugh-Urban I could be the stuff of legend. The Michigan man-crush hero worship already in full effect over Harbaugh would reach screaming-teenage-girls-over-One-Direction levels. It would rival the Saban idolatry in Alabama, perhaps even exceed it.

Hey, it’s a lot less crazy a scenario now than it was a month ago.”