When Jim Harbaugh rattles off one of his odd phrases or ideas, he usually gets credit for it.

The Michigan coach is as atypical as they come and is never shy about doing things his way. That’s why when the Wolverines came out in a 10-man I-formation on Saturday against Wisconsin, it wasn’t much of a surprise.

But this time, that wasn’t one of Harbaugh’s ideas.

“I can’t take credit for that one,” Harbaugh said on his radio show. “That was (Michigan assistant) Jay Harbaugh. He was pouring over high school tape and saw a high school team in Colorado that used that. We can’t take credit for it. If any credit, I give it to Jay for spotting it, being diligent going through the tape. We said, ‘That looks good.’

“We had fun practicing it. We had fun putting it in and putting it in the game. It might have a future.”

After switching into a more conventional I-formation, Michigan did indeed pick up the first down and eventually the touchdown.

Will Michigan run that formation again? Harbaugh said that can happen.

If Harbaugh was willing to run it in the red zone in a close game against a top-10 team, there’s no telling when it’ll come out next.