Jim Harbaugh and khakis. Khakis and Jim Harbaugh. It’s one of the most recognizable marriages in college football.

Because Harbaugh and khakis have become synonymous, the University of Michigan thought it might be a good idea to have the head coach autograph a pair of his world famous slacks and attempt to auction it off at the team’s annual award’s banquet.

Turns out, it actually wasn’t a good idea. Even autographed, framed and dolled up for the rowdiest Michigan fan, nobody placed a single bid on the item. Of course, the bidding started at a ridiculous $900, according to Land of 10, only adding to the problem.

Maybe if bidding started closer to $100 people would’ve been more apt to make a wager on the item. Then again, paying triple digits for a pair of khakis, autographed or not, seems outrageous.

It is somewhat shocking that not a single person made an offer. Sometimes the weirdest and most unique items are the most prized possessions in an auction. And considering the fame that Harbaugh’s khakis have earned, it’s surprising nobody wanted to own a pair, just for the story.

Hopefully Michigan has learned its lesson. Selling Harbaugh’s khakis is a bad — really, really bad — idea. Pricing the item at $900 is even worse.