It seems that in 2020 that when a team cancels a game due to COVID protocol or injuries, some assume that cancellation is done due to a team trying to avoid another team. The most prominent example was Florida State-Clemson.

Well, some are assuming the same about Michigan-Ohio State this past weekend. The Wolverines’ cited COVID concerns for their reasoning to cancel the game. Though some, most likely in Columbus, are raising questions about whether Michigan canceled the game in good faith.

Carlo Kemp, a senior defensive lineman for the Wolverines, quickly dismissed any chance of Michigan cancelling to avoid a potential blowout loss to the Buckeyes.

To me, it seems silly that Michigan has to come out and say this, but it’s 2020 and all bets are off. I guess if there was a matchup to avoid, it would be the Wolverines avoiding their chief rival. Under Jim Harbaugh, Michigan has had nothing but downright failure against Ohio State.

Now, the Wolverines move on hoping to take on Iowa during championship week, unsure of what’s next and if Jim Harbaugh will remain head coach.