Michigan may have the B1G’s most productive backfield with Chris Evans and Karan Higdon. Position coach Jay Harbaugh likes to say he has a 1-1 punch at running back, as both ball-carriers have the talent to be starters in the league.

While both are sure to get plenty of touches this fall, there’s a healthy camp competition to be the RB1 on the roster. Evans said he’s embracing the competition.

“We just approach it each and everyday just competing,” Evans told reporters after practice. “If we compete with each other than that will make us both work harder. If we go in both thinking that we’re the No.1 guy then will start slacking a little bit. I feel like we’re opposed to it as we’re trying to fight everyday to who is going to take over.”

The two teammates aren’t saying much to each other about the battle for the top spot on the depth chart.

“It’s like quiet competition,” Evans said. “We really don’t say nothing to each other. We pump each other up and motivate each other. But when it comes down to it, we’re thinking in our heads, like ‘I got to push this guy.’ And coach Jay (Harbaugh) is doing a new thing in our meetings. To where today I ran the meeting, and I pulled up all of Karan’s clips and I critiqued all of his clips. And then he pulled up 30 of my clips and he critiqued them and just us pushing each other to see what we see and see how they see it, ball security and all that, just to help us out see to help each other.”