Michigan’s 2019 season looks to be a good one.

The Wolverines have gotten plenty of praise over the offseason and is finally the favorite to win the B1G. At the end of the year, Michigan even hosts Ohio State. That should better the team’s chances against a Buckeye team they haven’t beaten in seemingly forever.

Before we get to that point, though, Michigan has to play other games. In particular — just like every other team — the Wolverines have to start with Week 1.

Michigan hosts Middle Tennesee on Aug. 31 to start the season. But, forget about that. The Wolverines’ defense appears to be honed in on Week 2.

Who is the team’s opponent?


Many may be scratching their head, wondering what the big deal is with preparing for Army. Well, Army runs the triple option. That is one offense that is certainly different than every other offensive scheme.

Army also is a quality opponent. In the USA TODAY Coaches Poll that came out a week ago, Army had the 30th most votes of any team, sitting just outside the top 25.

In 2018, Army finished with an 11-2 overall record. Again, Army is no joke and the triple option can be a very annoying offense to defend.

Michigan hosts Army on Sept. 7 and the game will be televised nationally on FOX in what may be a top 25 matchup.