Hunter Dickinson didn’t forget about the chants Michigan heard throughout the college basketball season. Now, it’s the Wolverines center and his teammates getting the last laugh.

With wins over Colorado State and Tennessee in the first two rounds of the NCAA Tournament, Michigan was one of two B1G teams to advance to the Sweet 16, along with Purdue. During presser availability before the Wolverines’ Sweet 16 showdown with Villanova, Dickinson used the opportunity to throw some shade.

Dickinson admitted that the 2021-22 season didn’t go quite as planned. Michigan finished with a 17-14 record and had to anxiously await an announcement from the NCAA Tournament selection committee to see if it would be dancing.

But those chants Michigan heard throughout the season? They’re being remembered by the star center.

“This season was definitely not the best, not the way we wanted (it to go),” Dickinson said. “Other fans definitely let us know that, particularly Michigan State, Illinois. Who else? Ohio State. Who else? There was another team in there. Who was it? There was one more. Oh, oh, the team down in Madison, the red and white team, they definitely let us know how they felt about our season.

“We heard those NIT chants. They were hurtful. They definitely hurt. It’s funny how they’ll be watching us on Thursday back in their cribs.”

After Wisconsin posted a convincing win over Michigan in the regular season in Madison, tempers flared between Juwan Howard and Greg Gard. After Howard took a swipe at a Wisconsin assistant, fans chanted “N-I-T!” at Michigan as players left the floor.

Clearly, Dickinson hasn’t forgotten that moment.