One college baseball umpire is already trying to make the sport about him, more than the players. At least that’s what we can take away from a ridiculous ejection in Friday night’s Opening Day game between Michigan and Vanderbilt.

In the ninth inning of Friday night’s game, Michigan’s Jimmy Obertop was ejected after drawing a line in the dirt with his bat after the umpire called a strike. Seriously. Below is the video of what led to the ejection:

Needless to say, that umpire is coming under some pretty harsh scrutiny.

Admittedly, we don’t really know the full story here. Perhaps Obertop said something after the pitch, or maybe the umpire had been receiving an earful from players and coaches all night regarding missed calls. Or maybe he was just in a grouchy mood, having to umpire a baseball game on Valentine’s Day — who knows?

If it was just because of the bat thing, though, that’s pretty horrendous. Hopefully the rest of the season isn’t officiated quite so harshly.

Michigan was able to get a 4-3 victory over Vanderbilt, getting a little revenge after falling to the Commodores in three games in the College World Series last season.