Blake Corum had some impressive moves on Saturday in Michigan’s blowout over Colorado State 51-7.

The Wolverine took a running leap over a Colorado State defender, easily clearing the would-be tackler to make it across midfield. Although he was carrying a football, it looked more like the RB was competing in hurdles.

Although it certainly looked impressive on the field, Michigan running backs coach Mike Hart said in a press conference he prefers the old-fashioned method of a good straight arm or running through the defender instead.

“You jumped, you got one extra yard,” said Hart to laughter from the media presence “They love to jump to get ‘Ooo’s’ from the crowd, right? I’m like, unless it’s like Hassan’s (Haskins) vs. Nebraska last year – he got like 20, 30 yards after – just get the guy one-on-one. Stiff-arm him or run through him. But it did look good.”

Whether it be for show for the crowd, or legit methodology, the play was effective either way. It appears that either way, Corum will be making a difference for the Wolverines this season.