Mike Hart was involved in a scary scene Saturday during Michigan’s visit to Indiana.

During a commercial break after a score by the Hoosiers, Hart collapsed on Michigan’s sideline. He was eventually carted off the field but was conscious during his departure.

With halftime approaching, sideline reporter Jenny Taft updated the situation during FOX’s broadcast of the game. According to Taft, Hart is leaving the stadium via ambulance for more testing.

Fortunately, Hart is conscious and his wife is with him:

“Coach Mike Hart has left Memorial Stadium via ambulance for further evaluation,” Taft reported. “His wife Monique was by his side. He was alert on the stretcher giving a thumbs up as he was leaving.

“As you can imagine, it has been a bit emotional on Michigan’s sideline… and even some emotion on Indiana’s side. He coached (at Indiana), and he means a lot to both of these teams.”

Stay tuned for more details on Hart.