Mike Morris wasn’t sure about school he wanted to play for as a high school recruit. Morris talked about what helped him make the decision to come to Michigan.

Morris was looking for a sign of where to go. He was driving to school one day when someone cut him off with a Michigan license plate. It gets even weirder.

“I prayed over where should I go right,” said Morris. “The next morning I’m driving to school and someone cuts me off. Then I looked at there license plate and it was a Michigan license plate.”

Morris was visiting Tennessee on an official visit about two weeks later. He saw another vehicle. This time, it had a giant Michigan logo on it. That was all it took.

“Then the dealbreaker was when I was on my official visit to Tennessee,” said Morris. “There was a big black SUV and it had a block M on it. I was like: there’s something at Michigan waiting for me.”

Whether it truly was divine intervention or some crazy coincidence, Morris is now a Wolverine.