Mike Morris, Michigan’s star Edge performer, had an interesting question for teammate Mike Sainristil during Wednesday’s media availability. Sainristil is a defensive back that primarily works out of the nickel position and has been a key player for this Wolverine defense.

Morris — playing the role of a member of the press — playfully asked about his chances against Sainristil in a short foot race and cleverly prefaced the question.

“Is it true that Mike Morris is faster than you in a 10-yard split?” Morris asked while parodying reporters.

“Not at all,” said Sainristil about Morris’ odds in the race. “I don’t think he’s even beating me (if I’m) crawling, in a 10-yard split. He’s a good guy though, he’s a good teammate. But he will never out beat me.”

Morris’ facial expressions and response during Sainristil’s answer add another level of humor to the interaction. Moments like this are what make college football fun and showcase how special teammate relationships are.

Michigan will be playing Texas Christian University this upcoming Saturday in the semifinal College Football Playoff Fiesta Bowl.