Milan (Mimi) Bolden-Morris made history recently by becoming the 1st female graduate assistant in the B1G and a Power 5 conference. She spoke about how excited she is work with Michigan football in a recent interview on ‘B1G Today’.

She will be joining Michigan football in a graduate assistant role where she will coach the quarterbacks starting on June 1. She also played women’s college basketball for Boston College and Georgetown (2017-2021) and averaged 12.6 points per game in her final season with the Hoyas after starting in all 29 games. Growing up, Bolden-Morris also played softball and flag football.

Here is what she said after being asked how her experience playing a lot of different sports can be transferred over to the football field:

“I’m so blessed in that I played multiple sports growing up,” said Bolden-Morris. “Because my IQ in everything that I played was always so high. Playing catcher, I had to call pitches some games. I had to situational stuff. Then in basketball, the same thing happened. I had to know the time, the score, how many timeouts. Now football, with having to read defenses. The coverages and stuff like that will help us get an advantage.”

Lastly, she talked about how her time in sports has helped with this job with Michigan football.

“It just gives me a different perspective in the way that I conceptualize things,” said Bolden-Morris. “Being able to translate all that is really cool, and has been a huge asset to everything that I’ve done in my life.”