Just when you thought it couldn’t get much worse for Michigan and head coach Jim Harbaugh, we got the first half of the Wolverines’ game against Wisconsin.

After just ONE yard of offense in the first quarter to go along with two interceptions, Michigan’s defense was steamrolled by the Badger offense. That led to a 28-0  halftime score and some very harsh criticism heaved toward Harbaugh and the Wolverines.

If you’re not a Michigan fan, this is when Twitter dot com is such a great place. People come up with clever, funny things to say. Just look at the last tweet. That’s a PJ Fleck reference attached to Michigan. Just glorious.

The Wolverines nearly scored in the second quarter but came up short on fourth-and-one. I’m sure that will calm the frustration of many Michigan fans.

This has just been a sad downfall this season for the Wolverines. Who knows how much more of this they’ll take before deciding to cut ties with Harbaugh. In the meantime, Michigan can take solace in the fact the Wolverines’ hockey team opened the season with a win over Arizona State today!