James Carville wouldn’t have botched this one. Not like this.

On Wednesday morning, MSNBC contributor Mike Barnicle made a mess of talking about the Heisman, which went to Alabama’s DeVonta Smith on Tuesday night. Speaking on MSNBC’s wakeup and get your heart rate going show ‘Morning Joe,’ Barnicle seemed a little hesitant in discussing the wide receiver winning the coveted award.

That might be because he didn’t know that Smith was a wide receiver and not a defensive player. Stick to politics there, Barnicle.

(Where are the fact checkers when you need one?)

“The Heisman Trophy award is unique. It’s the first time since Charles Woodson, I think he was the last defensive player – from Michigan – to win the Heisman, in the late 60s, ’67, ’68 around there,” Barnicle said.

“This young man, DeVonta Smith has won it. His athletic skill is so off the charts.”

So, not only is Smith a wide receiver but Woodson won the Heisman three decades after what Barnicle claimed. The Michigan defensive back (and sometimes offensive weapon) took the Heisman in 1997.

You also have to love the fact that the on-screen graphic says wide receiver. Ahh, Barnicle.

He was the last defensive player to win the Heisman, so Barnicle has that right. It just turns out it was during the Clinton administration and not Lyndon Johnson.

Of course, Barnicle is well-known and respected for his political commentary, which has been known to cut through both sides of the aisle. But college football, at least on this morning, was not in his bailiwick.

Perhaps he needs another cup of Joe to start the day. He gets a pass on this one.

Let’s just hope that Smith doesn’t intercept it.