Spring-break trips for Jim Harbaugh and the Michigan Wolverines might be coming to an end soon.

On Thursday, ESPN staff writer Mitch Sherman reported that the NCAA is taking steps to close a loophole that allowed Harbaugh to take his team his team to the IMG Academy in Florida last March. Over Michigan’s spring break, the team practiced four times at the Academy and caught plenty of attention from the national media.

The Division I Student-Athlete Advisory Committee was asked to report its recommendation on such issues regarding practices off campus during break periods.

And the response doesn’t look good for the future of Michigan’s trips out of Ann Arbor in March.

One of the Co-chairs of the SAAC, Brady Bramlett, said the committee doesn’t approve of those type of trips and that vacation periods should continue to be a vacation for student athletes.

We all agree, that’s something that should not happen. We’re very adamant that, in your non-championship season, if you have a vacation period, it should really be a vacation period. If we’re going to honor student-athletes’ time, we need to honor to the utmost.

The SAAC and its members are proposing that the NCAA put legislation in place that forbids such trips. If it’s approved, it could take effect as soon as the 2018 season.

Michigan’s trip last season upset several people across the college football landscape because of the exposure he was getting in Florida and at the IMG Academy, a known hotbed for some of the sports’ top recruits.

Several people also viewed Harbaugh’s decision to take his team to Florida as overworking his team and not allowing the players the necessary time to relax and get away from football.

When trying to denounce Harbaugh’s policies and practices, the Michigan head coach typically has a witty remark that will make its way to the public via television, radio or Twitter.

Keep your eyes peeled for an animated reaction from Harbaugh if this potential NCAA legislation continues to gain steam.