While Florida (and other SEC) fans snickered at Jim McElwain for taking a $400,000 loss on his Florida home, he did it for the best reason.

McElwain paid $1.8 million for his Gainesville, Florida, home and sold it for $1.4 million, and now, we know why. He was helping a family in need, according to Matt Baker of the Tampa Bay Times.

The former Gator coach apparently rejected the low offer initially but upon learning that the Staab family had two children that suffer from dystonia, which is a rare form of muscle contractions that can cause abnormal movements and postures, McElwain accepted the deal.

The house was ideal for the Staabs due to its wide hallways that could easily fit a wheelchair and it contains ramps for easy access into the home. The families real estate agent, Daurine Wehbe, offered up this comment when discussing why McElwain accepted a loss on the deal.

“Because the McElwains have a good heart. No one knows that. No one appreciates that,” Wehbe to Baker.

You can check out the full story at the Tampa Bay Times here.