Alabama has endured a lot of staff turnover this season, leaving the Crimson Tide scrambling to fill vacancies. So when co-offensive coordinator Josh Gattis told Nick Saban he was leaving Tuscaloosa, the head coach was not too pleased.

Gattis initially was headed with Mike Locksley to Maryland. There, he was expected to become the offensive coordinator for the Terrapins. But before a deal was finalized, Gattis received a phone call from Jim Harbaugh, who was gauging his interest in the same position at Michigan.

Shortly after that conversation, Gattis had agreed to become the new offensive coordinator with the Wolverines.

While on Harbaugh’s “Attack Each Day” podcast, Gattis explained why his decision to leave Tuscaloosa didn’t end well, and Saban’s reaction to the news.

“When Coach Harbaugh called, it kind of caught me off guard,” Gattis said. “I had just left a meeting with Nick Saban getting my butt chewed out for about 20 minutes telling him I was leaving and he was trying to keep me to stay. It did not go over well. So if there was any band-aid to the bruise or what he left on me it was that phone call. It was exciting to hear his voice and get the chance to talk to him personally.”

We’ve all seen those Saban meltdowns on the sideline, and they aren’t pleasant. There probably not any better behind closed doors, either.

Harbaugh is trusting Gattis to run the whole offense at Michigan, which will be a nice change for the Wolverines.