Even though there’s been some rumblings about Jim Harbaugh’s reported interest in a potential jump back to the NFL, the conversation seems to have quieted down in recent days.

This week, NFL.com’s Ian Rapoport was on the Pat McAfee show to look ahead to this weekend’s playoff games and was also asked about the Harbaugh situation. While Rapoport believes there is still some interest there, he says there are some negotiations going on between the Michigan head coach and Michigan.

That would make sense, as Harbaugh just led Michigan to its first B1G title in years and pushed the Wolverines into their first College Football Playoff appearance.

“I believe he’d be interested,” Rapoport said. “Now, he’s also in negotiations with Michigan, so is his interest in the NFL kinda like — I can’t remember a situation where there’s been so much stuff coming from the Harbaugh side/Michigan side talk about NFL interest. It makes me wonder if it’s on purpose.”

Harbaugh did take a restructured salary and contract before the 2021 season, which also resulted in a reduced buyout. NFL rumors would likely be a nice bargaining chip for Harbaugh to see an increase in pay and more job security.

Regardless of where Harbaugh’s heart lies, an announcement regarding his future — in some capacity — will likely be coming soon.