We might have to add O.J. Simpson to the list of people Jim Harbaugh labeled as “enemies” last week when it came to rumors about the Michigan head coach looking for an NFL gig. Then again, that may not be the best idea.


Recently, Simpson, who has become quite active on social media since his release from prison, talked about the issues the Cleveland Browns are facing this season. Despite having oodles of talent on the field, the Browns sit at 2-5 on the season and are the most penalized team in the NFL.

A lot of heat has fallen on head coach Freddie Kitchens, who has struggled to get the franchise headed in the right direction in 2019. So Simpson offered a solution, and it involved Harbaugh.

“Speaking of Cleveland,” Simpson started, “a lot of great college coaches don’t do well in the pros — Jimmy Johnson, Pete Carroll the exception. But there’s a guy who’s a good college coach who I think was better as a pro coach and he’s right next door to you, Cleveland. His name is Jim Harbaugh and I think he’s the elixir to all of your problems. I’m just saying.”

Harbaugh taking over in Cleveleand may not go over too well with Ohio State fans. But, if he were to figure something out and get the Browns rolling, they might be willing to accept him.

But, that’s probably not going to happen. At least if you ask Harbaugh. Recently, it was reported that Harbaugh was eyeing an “exit strategy” at Michigan following a 28-21 loss to Penn State. The head coach denounced those rumors, saying he had no interest in the NFL and calling the reports “total crap.”

Harbaugh also suggested it was a plot by the program’s “enemies.”

So, it’s unlikely that Harbaugh winds up in Cleveland anytime soon. But Simpson sure seems to think he could do a lot of good with the franchise.