Ohio State fans should have no shortage of fond memories of the 2014-15 season.

The demolition of Wisconsin in the Big Ten Championship was the moment the Buckeyes officially supplanted themselves in the College Football Playoff picture. The win against Alabama showed the world the the SEC was quite mortal, though the Buckeyes arguably were not. And the second-half trouncing of Oregon showed that there was simply no team better in America than the Buckeyes.

Before that, there was a regular season finale that Buckeye fans should remember. It was a 42-28 victory in Columbus against Michigan.

I mean ‘TUN.’

“Team Up North,” as the Wolverines are referred to by Buckeye fans, might’ve gained some legitimacy. In the recently renovated trophy room inside the Woody Hayes Athletic Center, the 2014 National Championship trophy is displayed prominently. Each Buckeye opponent is listed with the final score for each game.

Except Michigan. All it reads is ‘TUN.’

It doesn’t say ‘TTUN’ for ‘That Team Up North.” Still, the message is received loud and clear.

This shouldn’t be anything new for college football’s best rivalry. “That Team in Ohio” is a phrase heard often in the state of Michigan this time of year.

Urban Meyer has taken a strong stance against all things Michigan. He made kids do pushups for wearing blue to his class. Jim Harbaugh, on the other hand, has no problem saying the words, ‘Ohio State.’

This could’ve very easily been Meyer’s doing, though it isn’t fair to speculate. All we can conclude is that these schools still have one of the fiercest rivalries in all of sports and now it’s etched in stone. Sort of.