This may surprise you, but Paul Finebaum is firing off at Jim Harbaugh again. Michigan’s latest loss to Penn State has only added more fuel to the fire.

During the Golic & Wingo show on ESPN on Tuesday, Finebaum was asked about the status of Harbaugh and Michigan, and he had plenty of fire. In just a 30-second window, the SEC Network host ripped Michigan for its attachment to the fifth-year head coach, calling it “sickening.”

Finebaum also believes he could find a better coach in the yellow pages.

“It’s become a loser mentality at Michigan,” Finebaum said. “I’m not necessarily blaming Harbaugh. I don’t even think Harbaugh, sometimes, knows or is cognizant of what’s being said around him because he lives in a different world than the rest of us. This attachment to Harbaugh is really downright sick. Like, Michigan doesn’t think it can go out and get a better coach. I could pick up the yellow pages of college coaches right now, close my eyes and pick a better coach than Jim Harbaugh.”

Is it fair to say that Harbaugh hasn’t delivered on the high expectations when he arrived in Ann Arbor? Certainly. But he’s guided Michigan to three 10-win seasons, has a 43-16 record and the Wolverines have finished ranked inside the top 15 three times. That’s not terrible.

But the gripe with Harbaugh has always been his inability to win big games. Already, Michigan lost a 35-14 contest to Wisconsin in Madison, and a 28-21 decision to Penn State in State College. Those losses, following all the offseason hype about the 2019 Michigan squad, hasn’t looked great for the head coach.

Still, there are plenty of big games remaining on the schedule for Harbaugh and Michigan to win. Matchups against Notre Dame, Michigan State and Ohio State are still extremely important, even if a division title is out of the question.

There’s no question Harbaugh has missed out on some big wins in his career. But Finebaum might be going a little overboard with his latest comments.

Below is the full video, posted on Twitter by Golic & Wingo: