Paul Finebaum has heard enough from Michigan and the fans of the program in Ann Arbor. In fact, the ESPN analyst believes the fanbase can appropriately be described as the most obnoxious in the country.

During Sunday’s episode of “The Matt Barrie Show,” the two personalities went back and forth on the Wolverines and the ongoing Jim Harbaugh saga. Finebaum particularly hammered the fanbase for thinking too highly of the program, one that hasn’t produced much in terms of titles in the modern era of football.

“This is the most obnoxious fanbase in America. This is a fanbase that really believes the world revolves around the University of Michigan football program. It has — you can’t judge a university by those that tweet about it, but I’m going to,” said Harbaugh. “I mean, Michigan has what — 1 and a half national championships in about 70 years? Alabama won one while we were talking here. And they look down at everyone… It’s a good state school, big deal! But the football program is really becoming just comical for what it’s trying to represent out there.”

Meanwhile, Barrie said he’s not a fan of how Michigan wants to act like it’s “Michigan vs. Everybody” but says the team is not really playing the part like Miami did in the 80s.

“If you’re going to be renegades, then act the part,” Barrie advised.

For the biggest dagger of all, Finebaum said Michigan is not even on Ohio State’s level in the modern era. He believes the Buckeyes are still part of the “front row” in college football, and Michigan is simply not on that level.

“What they’re also not is Ohio State. Ohio State is a much better program overall, it has tremendous tradition,” Finebaum claimed. “I mean, if you’re walking down the streets of New York and you get in a conversation — on most days — Ohio State is part of the front row of college football Michigan’s not… It’s just not that big of a deal, and they take themselves so seriously up there.”

Here’s the latest episode with the Michigan chatter beginning around the 26-minute mark: