The Paul Finebaum-Jim Harbaugh Twitter beef may be heating up again.

Monday night, Michigan will take on Vanderbilt in the College World Series — a B1G-SEC matchup with a national title on the line. That best-of-three showdown could quite possibly rekindle an old rivalry between Finebaum and Harbaugh, which started on Twitter.

Finebaum has been a harsh critic of Harbaugh since arriving in Ann Arbor ahead of the 2015 season. But the Twitter spat reached a peak in February 2017, when the Michigan head coach referred to the popular SEC Network personality as the “SEC’s water carrier.”

And now that Michigan’s baseball team is taking on an SEC opponent, Finebaum has extended a friendly wager on the College World Series.

“With the SEC facing Michigan in the #CWS Finals, a friendly challenge to my good friend (Coach Harbaugh),” Finebaum said in a tweet. “If UM wins, I’ll wear a (Charles Woodson) jersey to one of your practices. If (and when) the #VandyBoys win, you become the SEC “water carrier” for a day?”

It’s unlikely that Harbaugh agrees to those terms, but maybe we’ll see a refined version of the offer.

Either way, the Finebaum-Harbaugh spat could be back on this summer.