Paul Finebaum discussed Michigan and Jim Harbaugh’s future after more evidence came out at the end of the week.

Michigan fired an assistant coach, Chris Partridge on Friday, which Finebaum believes made things even worse for Michigan.

“This was a colossal loss for Michigan,” Finebaum said on the Matt Barrie Show on Sunday. “It got worse with the news of Partridge, it got worse as the day went on.”


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It was reported that Harbaugh could be suspended the entirety of the 2024 season with recruiting violations from the 2020 season along with the new sign-stealing saga. Finebaum believes that if that’s the case, Harbaugh could look for a way out of Michigan.

“If an ounce of that is true, this is a complete and utter disaster for the University of Michigan,” Finebaum said. “Because there’s so much discovery that the NCAA has already uncovered, that doesn’t necessarily equate at all to what the four horseman of Notre Dame, PR have been saying. I think it leads many to believe that Harbaugh will look for any exit he can, it will stop them from giving him the extension. It doesn’t mean that much for today, but it means a lot for tomorrow.”

Michigan has won both its first 2 games without Harbaugh as he serves his 3-game suspension. The Wolverines will face Ohio State next week to close out the regular season.