Paul Finebaum and Matt Barrie are far from sold on this year’s version of Michigan. A lot of that has to do with a perceived weak schedule for Jim Harbaugh’s squad that included a sluggish start in a Week 4 win over Rutgers.

In the latest episode of The Matt Barrie Show, Finebaum questioned when Michigan will face a good team this season.

“Talk about when are they going to play a good team? I know there’s a few on the schedule but it doesn’t seem like we’ve seen Michigan tested at all,” said Finebaum.

“They don’t play anyone until at Penn State, Nov. 11,” confirmed Barrie. “Like, we rip on Georgia’s schedule, (this) is the worst schedule I’ve ever seen.”

In a brief comparison of those two schedules, Finebaum admitted Georgia has a minor excuse after a matchup against Oklahoma was removed due to the Sooners moving to the SEC. Michigan did not have that situation this season.

“Michigan doesn’t have an excuse. They’re not in a league that they were told they can’t play a game,” said Finebaum. “There’s no reason for one of the greatest programs in college football history to have that kind of schedule… Michigan-Penn State is circled pretty brightly on my calendar.”

“Now that I’m down this rabbit hole, I cannot believe how awful this schedule is. I’m going to give it to you one more time: East Carolina, UNLV, Bowling Green, Rutgers; that’s the first four. Nebraska, Minnesota, Indiana, Michigan State, Purdue, Penn State, Maryland, Ohio State,” outlined Barrie. “What are we doing?”

Finebaum did admit the final 3 games of the schedule could be interesting, but he also harped on the rest of Michigan’s B1G schedule before we get there.

“The next 5 might be worse than the first 4,” Finebaum claimed. “Again, the final 3 are competitive, but that’s a long time to wait… They can’t afford a loss.”