Paul Finebaum continues to be one of Jim Harbaugh’s harshest critics.

On Monday, Finebaum made his weekly appearance on WJOX to talk about a myriad of college football topics. One of the talking points during the interview was whether or not Finebaum believed Michigan would ever get over the hump and win the B1G and make it to the College Football Playoff under Jim Harbaugh.

Finebaum, has he’s done numerous times in the past, expressed that he had no faith in Michigan to reach the four-team field, saying the program has essentially “surrendered” to Ohio State.

“Michigan has waved the white flag,” Finebaum said. “Michigan has surrendered and has simply admitted we’re not as good as Ohio State. We’re not the Michigan of the past. We’re just a good program that occasionally has a big year like last year and then chokes the biggest game of the year.”

Harbaugh is 0-4 against Ohio State and has failed to win a B1G East Division title. While he’s led the Wolverines to three 10-win seasons in four years, Michigan’s record in rivalry games and against top 10 competition has been subpar.

Finebaum actually compared Michigan under Harbaugh to Georgia under former head coach Mark Richt.

“Michigan reminds me a little bit of Georgia under Mark Richt,” Finebaum said. “They were content to win nine or 10 games. They didn’t think they could win a national championship after Mark Richt’s third or fourth year, and what did they do? They fire Mark Richt after a nine-win season…and now they’re in the national championship race.

“I think if Michigan is happy with mediocrity, that’s fine. I don’t think they will go to the four-team playoff. If they can’t beat Ohio State this year with Ryan Day with that game at home, then they might as well just shut the program down.”

Since Harbaugh took the job, Finebaum has thrown plenty of criticism toward the head coach and the Michigan program. It doesn’t seem like that will be slowing down in 2019.