Paul Finebaum is back to bashing Jim Harbaugh again.

While the SEC Network host took a brief sabbatical from lashing out at the Michigan head coach during his most successful run in Ann Arbor, it appears Finebaum is back at it again. This time, he’s critical of Harbaugh’s decision to entertain a return to the NFL.

Speaking on ESPN’s Get Up this week, Finebaum sounded off on Harbaugh for flirting with the NFL, most notably the Minnesota Vikings. He doesn’t believe that the most recent actions from the Michigan head coach are a good look.

“Jim Harbaugh could screw up a one-car funeral and I think he did that (Wednesday),” Finebaum said. “He had everything going for him. He had the best season he’s had at Michigan. He goes to the (Playoff) and he has a good recruiting class and, in some ways, he throws it all away.

“And for what? It’s apparent, from listening to the experts, that he didn’t have the job. It doesn’t look like he would’ve gotten the job. He held his school hostage for a month. He promised recruits ‘You sign with me and I’ll be here.’ … He was MIA on one of the most important days of the year. I think it’s a very terrible look for Jim Harbaugh and Michigan.”

Harbaugh took a second interview with the Minnesota Vikings on National Signing Day, leading many to believe his time at Michigan was over. At the last second, though, the head coach announced his return to the program.