Paul Finebaum roasted Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh for his comments Monday about Michigan having to be “America’s Team.”

For context, here’s what Harbaugh said Monday afternoon:

Here’s what Finebaum had to say about that:


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“I found it sad and pathetic,” Finebaum said. “Why? Because this isn’t America’s team. This isn’t what America’s about. Here we are, just days removed from Veteran’s Day where we honor people who are really representative of America. This team is not representative of anything other than a program accused of cheating. Cheating! Trying to steal signs to gain an unfair advantage. That’s not the way this country was built and that’s not what should be described as America’s team.”

That was of course after Harbaugh’s comments. Prior to that, Finebaum had joined Matt Barrie to discuss Michigan and Ohio State at the top of the B1G.

And he wasn’t very nice to the Wolverines then either. Finebaum insisted that Michigan all-time ‘is not Ohio State’ and that there is obviously a big brother in this relationship.

Check it out:

The Game is going to be a fun one this year, folks.